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The Maine Blacksmith's Guild

I am on a journey around America that I call "Medieval America". I am visiting castles, meadieries, various sites and of course blacksmiths! One of the stops I made was to the Maine Blacksmith's Guild.

I spent the day with Sam Smith who is the guildmaster. We had a great day and talked a lot about blacksmithing, the apprenticeship path and more. And he was kind enough to do a tutorial for us. He shows us how to forge a bottle opener. I have a link to that tutorial, with a video, down below.

Will and Sam having lunch

Their mission is to preserve and promote traditional blacksmithing. And they do a lot of it with several shops around the state and plans for further development including the construction of a water powered forge. They do custom work and offer classes and an apprenticeship program. There is a lot of amazing stuff going on at the Maine Blacksmith's guild.

The Maine Blacksmith's Guild


Sam Smith



Here is the bottle opener Sam makes for us.

A hand forged bottle opener

And here is the tutorial:

How to forge a Bottle opener

Want to make your own bottle opener? I have a tutorial for you right here. And it is a great tutorial for beginners because you will learn several common blacksmithing techniques like hot cutting and twisting. How to Forge a Bottle Opener.


Want to learn more about the Maine Blacksmith's Guild? Interested in learning blacksmithing? Check out their website here You can also check them out on Facebook here.