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How to Play Classical Guitar

This is a step-by step tutorial for beginners

You want to play classical guitar but don't know much about it. You don't really know where to start. This is the place for you. I will get you started.

This page is broken down into three sections. You can click on one of these three links and it will take you down the page to the correct section.



  • Section 1: Choosing a guitar - complete with a link to where you can purchase a guitar.
  • Section 2: Advice on what course books you should get.
  • Section 3: Complete tutorial to get you started.

What do you need to Play?

  • A guitar
  • Guitar strings
  • an instruction book
  • a tuning device (tuning fork, pitch pipe, or electronic tuner)
  • Optional: A music stand

Can't Decide?

Don't get nervous about all of this. You are embarking on a journey that will add a level of enrichment to your life that you will cherish. The guitar will be there for you when you want to relax, want to enjoy, want to share with other people or just have fun. In no time at all you will be experiencing the richness that playing an instrument has to offer.

If you are totally not sure about what you need to get playing. Or if you have looked through all the materials on guitars and instruction books and still can't decide. I have put together a low cost list for you. It tells you exactly what to get so you can get playing.The get playing Classical Guitar Kit

Section 1: Choosing a Guitar

First and foremost, it is important that you choose a guitar that is specifically made for classical music. If you are considering a folk guitar it isn't a good choice. Or if you already have a folk guitar it doesn't work for classical guitar. There are several significant differences between classical guitar and Folk guitars. Continue on with this tutorial

Section 2: What books and Course Should you get?

There are many courses you can take and almost all of them are terrific. This tutorial points them out to you. Classical guitar instruction books

Section 3: The Beginners Tutorial on how to Play

Ready to get started? If you are an absolute beginner this tutorial is for you. Classical Guitar Tutorial for beginners


The Carcassi Classical Guitar Method

If you are looking for a traditional instructional book you should consider the Carcassi Method. It has been the standard guidebook for generations of classical guitarists. If you want to go the traditional route this is a solid choice. It was written over a hundred years ago and although a bit dated it is still a fine choice. There is a second part to this method called twenty-five progressive studies that are extraordinary in that they give you a solid repertoire of professional pieces to learn.


Christopher Parkening Guitar Method

For a more contemporary guide to playing you should consider the Christopher Parking Guitar Method. It is a modern method for learning classical guitar and it comes in two books. The first book focuses on learning how to play and the second book teaches you all about refining and improving your technique while developing your repertoire. This is an excellent set of books on classical guitar and Christopher Parkening is a world class guitarist who was a pupil of Andres Segovia.


Mel Bay's Complete method for classical guitar

If you are looking for an easy to understand and more relaxed way to learn classical guitar consider Mel Bay’s Complete Method for Classic Guitar. Mel Bay has been publishing easy to follow, and easy to understand guitar books for decades now. And this book follows this formula. It is clearly written and easy to understand. It assumes you know nothing about music or guitar and this book is very well suited for younger players.


If you are a fan of the Classical Guitar this book is an absolute must!

The Classical guitar: A complete history
The Classical Guitar: A Complete History Product Page at Amazon