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Yamaha Classical Guitars

About the Yamaha Classical Guitar - It is a fine instrument from a reputable maker and it comes at a very reasonable cost.

Amazon Has a section of their site devoted specifically to Classical Guitars

Trying to buy a first instrument is a very difficult thing. You don't know enough about playing to know what is good and what isn't good. This is where the Yamaha Classical Guitar is perfect. Rest assured that the reasonable cost of this instrument is money well spent. You cannot find a better bargain. Yamaha has been making fine instruments for a very long time.

About the Yamaha Corporation:

This is a top quality company that has been around a very long time. They first produced reed organs in 1887 and since then they have grown into one of the most respected musical instrument manufacturing companies. They are, of course, also the maker of a wide variety of other products from computer products to sporting goods, appliances and more. They are a very big company and have corporate branches all over the world.

About their Classical Guitars - They have six categories of classical guitars

In their series of guitars there are two major groups. The first group is of traditionally shaped guitars (C, CGS, CG and GC). The second series of guitars (NCX and NTX) are more modernized and come with a cutaway body so you can easily reach those lower frets, are amplified with built in pickups, and have a lower string profile which makes for easier and faster playing. These are perfect for guitarists who have played on traditional folk and electric guitar but want that classical guitar feel and sound.

C Series - This is the perfect series for beginners and young learners. What you get is a good quality nylon string guitar at an affordable price. If you don't yet know how to play classical guitar and you are looking for your first one the C series is a good value.

CGS Series - This is a step up from the C Series. The price is a little more but the quality is too. If you are a serious beginner you might want to try one of these.

CG Series - This is a higher quality traditional classical guitar.

GC Series - This is the top quality guitars. These are handmade instruments. They are the best in the yamaha series of guitars and they are carefully crafted from solid tops and hand selected woods.

NCX Series - This is quality guitar with a few changes from the traditional style and shape. It has the standard classical guitar finger board width, neck shape and body thickness. It is also joined to the body at the twelfth fret. These are all standard classical guitar properties. Where this series of guitars differs is that it has the body cutaway which makes for easier playing down low on the fretboard and the string height is lower which makes for more comfortable playing and in my opinion faster playing. It also comes with electronics - a built in pickup. this is a great guitar if you are a traditional folk or electric guitar player and want something that isn't too much of a transition.

NTX Series - This is a more contemporary classical guitar. It has a narrower neck, is joined at the 14th fret ( for more reach) andn has a cutaway body shape. It also has a built in amplifier. this is a great guitar if you are a traditional folk or electric guitar player and want something that isn't too much of a transition.

Yamaha C40 Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical Guitar

Beginners and young learners alike will appreciate the quality found in this Yamaha C series classical guitar. This quality instrument delivers outstanding cost performance with exceptional playability and tone. The C40 is a full-size nylon-string guitar.



Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package

Yamaha guitar packages are an affordable, all in one solution to guitarists seeking a high quality instrument with multiple accessories. The C40 package includes a full sized Yamaha C40 nylon string classical guitar, a guitar case and a CD with examples for the student to listen to and play along with. The C40 guitar features beautiful Indonesian Mahogany back and sides, a Spruce top, Javanese Rosewood fretboard and bridge, and chrome tuners.


Yamaha CGS 104A Yamaha CGS104A Classical Guitar, Natural The Yamaha CGS104A Classical Guitar is a great instrument for students learning the ins and outs of classical guitar technique. The guitar features a spruce top, meranti back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard.


Yamaha CG101A Classical Guitar, Natural






Yamaha CG 111C Yamaha CG111C Cedar Top Classical Guitar, Natural The Yamaha CG111C Cedar Top Classical Guitar delivers balanced tone with exceptional quality, durability and cost performance. The craftsmen at Yamaha specially redesigned the guitars in their CG series with slightly thinner sides and back as well as a thinner finish to deliver better sound response. These guitars also have thinner necks to increase playability, and are slightly lighter in weight, offering greater volume as well as extended comfort.

Yamaha GC 41 Yamaha GC41 Handcrafted Classical Guitar with Case

The GC Series represents Yamaha's new handcrafted line of classic nylon string acoustic guitars. Our craftsmen's close attention to detail guarantees the best quality. Whether you choose the warm sweet tone of Cedar or the clear rich resonance of Spruce, either top will provide you with outstanding quality. Next to the woods themselves, the bracing of the guitar top is the most critical factor affecting the instrument's final sound. Although the basic design is still very close to the original pattern proposed by Torres in the 1880's, refinements and improvements have been made to ensure optimum tone and volume with modern strings and playing techniques. The thickness of the third string in a nylon set tends to limit its movement at the bridge and nut causing it to respond as if it were shorter than the other strings. Yamaha eliminates this common intonation problem with a special offset step cut into the saddle at the third string.


Yamaha NTX700Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar This Yamaha guitar is perfect for adding nylon-string tone to a wide range of musical styles from latin to jazz, Pop to Rock. Built on the classical platform, Yamaha's NTX700 acoustic-electric classical guitar features a cutaway, for comfort when playing in the higher register fret positions. This NTX starts with a solid spruce top, for warm, balanced tone. The neck, back, and sides feature nato, a soft hardwood for a balanced, crisp sound and full volume range.