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Spanish Classical Guitar


The Spanish Classical Guitar differs a bit in that it is Spanish Guitar music played on the traditional Classical guitar. The Spanish Guitar and the Classical Guitar are interchangeable for the most part. The classical guitarist includes pieces of spanish and flamenco guitar in his repertoire. But the two disciplines are not one and the same. There are differences in the music and in the instruments.


Here are a couple of Spanish Guitar pieces for you to listen to. If you want to hear more classical guitar pieces go to the Listen section of this website. I play these pieces on a traditional classical guitar.


  • Spanish Romance - - Evocative and haunting piece. Challenging in that it is played all over the fretboard but played andante so reasonably easy to master.
  • Adelita by Francisco Tarrega - This is a wonderfully haunting piece and one of my favorites. It has some nice sliding around on the fretboard. If you are a beginner classical/spanish guitarist you might want to add this to your repertoire. It is not too hard to play and sounds great. This is an excellent piece to learn if you are a beginner. It sounds great and is not too hard to learn.
  • Leyenda - This is the first 30 seconds from this awesome Spanish piece. This piece simply rocks. The spanish guitar just blows me away! This piece is rather fast and it is more for the intermediate player.

Books and music for the Spanish Classical Guitar

Spanish for Guitar





Spanish for Guitar: Easy to Intermediate Solos by the Spanish Masters (Masters in Tab)

Spanish Guitar Music: Guitar Solo

Contents: Contradanza (Torroba) * Farruca (Andalusian) * Intermezzo (Granados) * Jota Levantina (Torroba) * Petenera (Traditional) * Sandunga (Mexican) * Sonata in A Minor (Soler) * Song and Dance (Surinach) * Song of the Fig Orchard (Ansunes).

Albeniz: Spanish Classics for Guitar in Tablature (Classical Guitar)


Treasures of the Spanish Guitar

This fine solo guitar text, written in notation and tablature, offers a brilliant array of music from many centuries. Composers represented (Aguado, Tarrega, Sanz, Angurea, and others) present a colorful spectrum of the melodies, styles, moods, and temperaments that have characterized guitar music of Spain. The instrumentation on the recording is the solo classical guitar. It is a stereo recording, and it does contain every selection in the book. None of the repeats suggested in the printed scores have been taken off or put on the recording. It is up to the discretion of the individual performer to add or delete these as necessary.


Play Solos Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martin Book, CD, and DVD: Vol. 1

Designed as a comprehensive multimedia teaching set, this book, CD, and DVD present 42 solos, progressively graded in 6 levels from absolute beginners to more advanced, to suit players of all levels. It contains examples of eighteen different palos (rhythmic forms) of flamenco, with a wealth of melodic falsetas and rhythms. The music for all these is accurately written in notation and flamenco tab (cifra) in the book, and is also recorded on the companion CD. The DVD video contains over 57 minutes of solo music, and also includes introduction by Juan Martín and brief scenes of Andalucia today, which help to place this profoundly exciting and deeply felt music in the landscape of its origins. Juan Martín has succeeded here is showing how even music which is simple and very easy to start with can express the essential sound and emotion of flamenco, to build step by step the skills necessary for the performance of concert solos. Written in English and Spanish


DVD-Learn To Play Flamenco Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin's clear, concise instructions will get you started playing flamenco guitar right away. All you'll need is a basic knowledge of the fingerboard and a nylon string guitar to learn this exciting musical tradition. Whether you now play classical, folk, blues or contemporary fingerstyle guitar, these DVDs will open a whole new world of music to you.


If you Want to learn more about the Spanish Guitar the Wikipedia has a great article about it.