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The La Patrie company is a Canadian maker of fine classical guitars. It is a small village in the Province of Quebec and they hand make fine classical guitars.


They make seven models of classical guitar:

  • Motif: This is a beautiful old style classical guitar from a century gone past. It looks like it is 3/4 but it is full sized. When you see pictures and drawings of classical guitarists from the 19th century the guitars are very reminiscent of this one..
  • Etude: This is their most popular model.
  • Concert: This is their top of the line model in the Mahogany/Cedar models.
  • Concert CW: This is a cutaway model concert guitar
  • Presentation : The sides and back of this model are a lamination of poplar and rosewood.
  • Collection : This is their top of the line guitar with exotic woods and built by their best luthiers.
  • Hybrid CW : The hybrid CW comes in two color schemes light burst and black. This cutaway guitar is aimed at the guitarist who is not necessarily just a classical guitarist.


LaPatrie Motif

La Patrie Guitar, Motif

Notice the wonderful turn of the century styling of this guitar. It is very reminiscent of guitarists from times gone by.





The La Patrie Etude La Patrie Guitar, Etude (This is the best selling La Patrie Classical Guitar on the site)





The La Patrie ConcertLa Patrie Guitar, Concert QI







LaPatrie Presentation Guitar

La Patrie Guitar, Presentation





La Patrie Guitar, Collection This is their masterpiece top of the line guitar.






LaPatrie Hybrid

La Patrie Guitar, Hybrid CW Lightburst QII w/ TRIC Case

The hybrids are made for guitarists who are not just classical guitarists.





Variations on the LaPatrie Models


The LaPatrie Motif QILa Patrie Guitar, Motif QI






Left handed La Patrie La Patrie Guitar, Etude Left




Lots More LaPatrie Guitars on Amazon right here