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Complete Starter Kit for Classical Guitar


You don't know a whole lot about classical guitar playing -maybe you have never played a single note. You want me to take all the guess work out of it for you. You just want somebody to tell you what you need to get started.Here it is: This is everything you need, at bargain prices, to get playing. has tremendous buying power and they bring you the lowest prices.

Amazon Has a section of their site devoted specifically to Classical Guitars



This kit includes:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Instructional Book
  • Guitar care kit
  • Tuning Fork
  • Music Stand
  • Guitar Stand:


Yamaha c40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package - Yamaha guitar packages are an affordable, all in one solution to guitarists seeking a high quality instrument with multiple accessories. The C40 package includes a full sized Yamaha C40 nylon string classical guitar, a guitar case and a CD with examples for the student to listen to and play along with. The C40 guitar features beautiful Indonesian Mahogany back and sides, a Spruce top, Javanese Rosewood fretboard and bridge, and chrome tuners.

More Accessories

Wall Mount stand One of the most important accessories for the classical guitar, and one of the most overlooked is the stand. It is important that you keep your guitar in a stand. This will help maintain it and preserve it for years to come. Leaning your guitar against a wall is a bad habit. One fall can break the neck of it. Here is a nice hanging stand so you can hang it on the wall. It frees up floor space. This also looks great. String Swing Wood Guitar Wall Hanger
Floor Stand Here is a more traditional Guitar stand for floor placement. this is the most common type of stand and if you do not want to drill holes in your wall this is the way to go. It is obviously also portable which is a benefit over the wall mount stand. Musician's Gear Tubular Guitar Stand Black
Wood Care - Your classical guitar is a long term investment and a finely crafted musical instrument. I highly recommend you purchase a cleaning and polishing kit. It will maintain the wood and the sound quality. D Andrea Deluxe Guitar Care Kit
Tuning Fork - E note - I use a tuning fork out of personal preference. I believe it is a better tool for your ear. It encourages you to develop your pitch. Any note is ok but E is nice because it is an open string note. This fork here is an E. Planet Waves Tuning Fork, E

Guitar Tuner Clip On

  • LIGHTNING FAST TRACKING so you'll be ready to play your instrument before everybody else in the band
  • SUPER DURABLE DESIGN to withstand the rigors of the road insuring your tuner will last
  • BACKED BY A 1 YEAR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" GUARANTEE. If it doesn't work for ANY reason just retur it for a replacement


Strings - There is a definite difference in string sound by manufacturer and quality. This is the exact string I use most of the time. It sounds good and is an excellent value. I recommend you get at least two sets. There is nothing worse than breaking a string and having no back up.D'Addario EJ45 Pro Arte Classic Normal Classical Strings
Foot Rest - As a classical guitarist you play with your left foot elevated. This is a handy wooden foot rest. I like the black color because it makes it less of a visual distraction. And I like the fact that it is wood. It just seems more natural and more in tune with the classical guitar. Ultra WFS2-2 Wood Classic Guitar Footrest

Tempi Metronome

  • ? TEMPI MECHANICAL METRONOME establishes accurate musical timing, helps play at a proper pace, provides a firm sense of rhythm, develops finger agility and preciseness, shows a visual sense of timing from the pendulum and can be used by a music lover, beginner or musician of ANY age or experience!

Folding Music Stand With Carrying Bag

  • Adjustable tilting bookplate holds three 8.5 x 11-inch sheets
  • Folds down flat for storage
  • Fold out extensions hold sheets securely in place
  • Friction locking clutch adjusts height from 26-40 inches for sitting or standing positions
  • Tripod leg assembly adjusts for varying floor space availability and folds flat for storage