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Lesson 2 Stringing the Guitar or changing the strings

Stringing the guitar is in two parts. In this first part with attach the strings to the bridge of the guitar.

It is important to start at the bridge.



General Tip about replacing strings on a guitar: If you are replacing all the strings it is generally better to completely replace one string before moving on to the next. You shouldn't take all the strings off then replace them all. Remove a string and replace it, repeating this for all six strings. This will maintain an even pressure on the guitar.


Here are the locations of the six strings and their names. The paper sheath that the strings are wrapped in say what string it is.The sixth string is the thickest and the first string is the thinnest. I will show you how to do the sixth string.





Remember we are doing the sixth (E)string here. This is the thickest string.

Feed it over the bridge then though the hole and feed it though so about two inches of string is sticking out .




Take this two inches of string and curl it up over the Bridge base then tuck it under the string.





Insert this end under the string. Under the loop you just created. It should look like this.





Curl it around again and tuck it under again. This double loop insures it will not come loose.

For the three thickest strings you do this double loop and the three thinnest strings you should triple loop.



(Next Lesson: Stringing the tuning pegs)



Watch the Video tutorial on how to change the strings on your classical guitar