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Lesson Eight: Reading Sheet Music - The Notes on the Staff


This is an empty staff. You have probably seen this before. The notes that you play are placed on this staff. There are five lines and four spaces. Each line and each space represents a note. There is a vertical line at the beginning of this staff and another at the end of this staff. The interval between these two lines is one measure. You will learn more about measure.
  Notes are named from A to G and repeat higher up the scale.
Now we have added a couple of things to our measure. The funny looking symbol. Kind of like a big G. denotes where the G note is on the staff.
The funny looking G is a G clef and it shows you right where the G note is on this staff. It curls around one particular line. That line is the note G. The red arrow shows it here.
  The two fours indicate how many beats in a measure and what note equals one beat. You will learn more about this.
  So now we know where the G note is. Where are the other notes. This is real easy. Remembering that the notes go from A to G then start over again we can find the notes. They simply go up from line to space.
Here are the notes on this staff. So the bottom line is E and the very top line is F. and all the spaces and lines in between are notes.
  How does this relate to the guitar?
  That is very easy. Once we know the notes on the guitar we can tell what to play by looking at the staff.
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