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How to Make a Big Fantasy Map part 2

In this part of the tutorial we start filling in the major colors of the map.

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A big technique when you are working on any kind of a project is to start with the bigger things then work your way down to the details. This is a good rule of thumb. So, start by painting the big masses. I started by painting in the various large water bodies and large rivers.






Then I moved on to the large green land masses. For now we want to keep the colors on the light side. This will make it easier later on when we add the details.






And in my fantasy world there are some arrid desert areas. I did these with some orange and ochre paints.









Painting Tip: When it comes to painting the large areas you should make some of them a blurry transition. What I mean is that in this picture we have the orange desert. And now below it we have green vegetation. This doesn't happen with a sharp line of demarcation between the two of them. There is a slow transition from one to the other.

I painted in the desert. Then an inch away from that I dabbled in some green. Then I blended the two together. Now we have a soft transition between the orange desert and the green jungle.



Ok, most of the base painting is done. I have laid in all the major land masses and water masses including the glaciers north and south.

And notice something here in the picture. Within a big green land mass is some ochre colored areas. I painted these like this because it will enable me to paint mountains on top of them and they will stand out nicely.


NextLet's continue with the tutorial and do the detail work on the map


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