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How to Make a Wizard's Globe - Part 1 introduction

This is a tutorial on how to make a Wizard's Globe. And you might be asking yourself what exactly is that? Well... in movies and tv shows with a wizard there are alway a few things that the wizard has; Books! of course. A telescope! Definitely, potions, for sure. And a beautiful globe of some fantasy world. Always happens.

And the globe is usually mounted in a beautiful rotating device. That device is typically very much like a gyroscope. That way you can grab it and rotate it around in different directions to get a look at any part of the world.

In this tutorial I show you how to make one. And there are two distinct parts to this. I show you how to make the gyroscope like stand and I also spend a lot of time showing you how to make the globe which is the most beautiful part because the landscape and terrain is sculpted.



A Quick Look at the Project

3 axes of rotationThe Stand is made so that there are three axes of rotation. This way the globe can be moved and rotated in any possible position or orientation. Standing in one spot you can move it so any terrain is exactly in front of you. You can get a look at the whole thing without moving. It moves in all directions.

The gimbals are those two round hoops. One is attached directly to the globe and the other attached between the inner gimbal and the larger fixed hoop.











The Creativity of it - If you are curious about the gyroscope, a bohnenberger machine, and what gimbals Will has more about this fascinating stuff here.




Materials and Tools List:

To Make the Stand:

  • Large pieces of foam (foamular)
  • sheet of 1/2 inch plywood
  • Liquid Nails

The Make the Globe

  • Large Exercise Ball. This will depend on the size globe you want to make. Here is the one that I used: Gold's Gym 65 cm Anti-burst Body Ball
  • Lots of Plaster Cloth ( I used almost ten pounds of it!) To get three layers on the globe.
  • PaperClay - I used 4 - 16oz packs of it. Your amount will vary depending on how much of your globe is land and how much is water. Creative Paperclay for Modeling Compound, 16-Ounce, White
  • Various acrylic paints including blue, white, several shades of brown and green, ochre and more.

As with most projects I started with some sketches. Here is the beginning of it. It is important to keep working the sketches until yu have something you are satisfied with and you think is pretty close to the finished product. This is so you can get an understanding of how to build it and what materials you will need. I am focusing here on the stand. The globe is at this point easy to understand. It is a globe.

drawings of the stand

Once I had it all figured out. I broke it down into the individual parts. If we include the globe we end up needing 11 piece.

More drawings


NextLet's Start Making it!


Watch the Video Here:



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