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How to Make a Spartan 300 Chest piece out of Cardboard and Paper Mache - The Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are a companion to the web based tutorial on how to make the chestplate. You can find that web based tutorial here. This Spartan 300 Chest Piece is pretty easy to make and you make it with paper mache. You can optionally not do the paper mache and it still comes out great. This is a complete tutorial which includes a video that shows you how to make it. This chest piece will fit any size person because as you make it you custom fit it. I show you how to do this too.


This tutorial is part of my complete series of Spartan Armor and weapons and the series includes all of the following projects. For some of them, as needed, I have included a template that you can print up and use.

Spartan Weapons and Armor - This is a series of cardboard and Paper Mache projects that I have been doing. So far I have everything made except for the chest piece. That will be coming soon. Here are the pieces:

The Video Tutorial - Part 1 Getting it as far as the cardboard is done and you can paint it.

The Video Tutorial - Part 2 Doing the paper mache, painting and adding the straps so you can wear it.