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Lesson 2 Stringing the guitar continued: The Tuning Pegs

In the previous tutorial we attached the strings to the bridge of the guitar. Now we finish the stringing by learning how to attach them to the tuning pegs.

This is where you actually tighten and tune the strings.


You will put the strings onto the tuning pegs so turning the bass pegs clockwise tightens them and turning the treble pegs counter-clockwise tightens them.






Again, we are using the 6th(E) string as an example. Feed the string about two inches through the hole in the peg spindle.





Pull the end of the string toward you then tuck it under the string






Now tuck it under the loop you just made.






Now turn the tuning peg untl the string is taut.Notice how the string, as it is wrapped around the tuning spindle wraps over the loose end of the string. this insures it cannot loosen.





Here is a completed string with several wraps.






After you have replaced all your strings and you have tuned your guitar you should gently stretch each string by grasping it with the thumb and forefinger and pulling it. With the string stretched like this run your fingers up and down the length of the string. Now re-tune the guitar. This will help the strings to settle in faster.




(Next Lesson: Body position)


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