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Lesson 3: Body Position and Holding the Guitar

This illustration shows the correct body position for playing classical guitar (right-handed). If you are playing left-handed then then everything would be mirrored to the opposite side.

It is important that you are comfortable when you play. Use a comfortable chair and keep your back straight but not tense.

One of the key differences between classical guitar and folk/rock guitar is that the guitar rests on the left knee for classical. A folk/rock guitarist often places the guitar on the right knee.



Elevate your left left leg and rest the guitar on your thigh. The guitar should come in contact with your body in three spots:

  1. The top of your left thigh
  2. the inside of your right thigh
  3. Your sternum (the upper part of your stomach)

Do not pull the guitar flat against your stomach. Only the top of the guitar should be contacting your sternum. You need to have a space between the guitar and your body. This will allow it to resonate and sound bright and loud.

Remember that the sound hole is where all the music emanates from so it is a directional tool. Do not point it toward the floor or too high toward the ceiling. It should not point perpendicular to the floor either. It should have a slight angle up. Imagine it pointing toward the ears of a person standing six feet in front of you. This is a good angle.


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