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How to Make a Wizard's Pendulum Clock - Part 5

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the clock.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Slide the pendulum through the pendulum guide.

Install the pendulum

And mount the pendulum on the pins.

Check everything


Check everything to see if it all turns and moves very fluidly and easily. You want as little friction as possible on the pendulum, the drive wheel and the moon wheel.


Make the counterweights

Now make yourself some kind of counterweight. And use some solid wire to make a hook at the top of it.

I taped together eight AA batteries like you see here.











Tie a loop

Now cut yourself a piece of string about six feet in length and tie a loop on one end of it.

This is how you hook it to the battery weight.







Tie the other end ofthe string to the drive wheel dowel like this. And put a piece of tape on it so it doesnt slip when being used. And drop the string down through the hole in the bottom of the clock. Once you have it mounted on the wall you can hook the weight onto it.

Tie hereThe string through the hole


Our little wire triggerNow you need to make a wire for the top of the pendulum. This wire is what drives the moon wheel. It is a bit tricky and you are going to have to tinker with it. As the pendulum swings the wire pushes on the flat side of the tooth, pushing the wheel forward in a clockwise direction. Then as the pendulum swings the wire rides up on the slanted part of the tooth to reset itself, getting it ready to push again with the next swing.

By using a piece of wire for this you can easily bend it, test it, bend it a little more until it is right.



The wire

Here is another look at the wire.

When in position it should just catch the top of the teeth. And you can trim any teeth you need to trim.





The wizards Pendulum clock

Let's finish the clock

Paint it any way you like.

I painted the pendulum but I recommend you don't paint yours. Paint curves the foam board which might make it jam and not run well. But if you do paint it be sure to paint both sides. This will cancel out a lot of the curve.

Mount it up high on a wall. The higher it is the longer you can let it run.

Put the weight on the end of the string. Then slowly wind the drive wheel in a counter clockwise direction. This brings the weight up.

Now all you have to do is give the pendulum a little push and it will start running and tick-tocking!

Congratulations. You have made a wizard's pendulum clock.

NextI have some tips and suggestions for getting it to run well if you have problems.













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