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How to Make a Bonkei Part 3 - The terrain

In this part of the tutorial we make the landscape details.


I am using an air dry clay and I coat all of the terrain with it. The part on the left where the water will go does not need any clay.



Shape the clay as you add it. Consider the various terrain features you want to add like cliffs, stones, flat areas and hilly areas.


Ok, the clay has been added and shaped. I set it aside for 24 hours to air dry.


The cracked clay

And as it dried it cracked quite a bit. I have worked with this type of clay before so I wasn't surprised. Quite ok.


Repairing the cracks

The cracks can be sealed up and repaired with some more clay and with some water rubbed on with your finger.


Painting the water

Once it dries again we can paint it . We are going to cover it with terrain materials so, other than the water, the painting is a base coat just to give us a base of basic colors.


The colors

Consider the colors that you want and the terrain textures that you want in the various areas like water, sand, grass, stones and cliff. Paint accordingly with a basic color.

Next we add the terrain textures

paint on glue and water mix

We add the terrain textures by first applying a coat of white glue and water to the terrain. Mix 50/50 white glue and water then brush it onto the surface of the bonkei.


Sprinking on terrain

Then sprinkle on various textures. I used a wide variety including sand, flocking, ballast, small pebbles and woodland scenics terrain (the green stuff in the bag).

Woodland scenics product

Woodland Scenics Diorama starter kit with lots of foliage and grasses

Added bushes

Finally I used large and thick terrain materials as bushes. I simply glued them on in places.


The completed terrain textures on the bonkei

Ok, the terrain is complete. Let's continue and take a look at the making of the tree and our miniature hero.




How to make terrain texture out of pencil shavings

Yup, great way to turn pencil shavings into terrain of any color and consistency. How to make pencil shaving terrain



Terrain from foam

How to make your own terrain textures

It is easy to make great terrain for dioramas and wargaming. All you need is foam, a rasp and some paint. I show you how right here. Make terrain textures out of foam