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Make a Stained Glass Dragon Queen Diorama

This is a fantastic little diorama that was made by a web visitor (Eric) and my thanks to him for letting us know about this project and sending along the pictures. If you know anything about me (Will) you know I love dioramas. And you might also know that I love dragons. So, you know I absolutely love a dragon queen diorama!


Something that I really want to point out about this diorama is the fact that it shows a real breadth of skills and this is important in diorama making.. If you make dioramas or want to make them you can use a wide variety of skills and techniques. It doesn't have to be all about the traditional materials of terrain and texture. You can expand on the tools and materials and come up with something unique just like Eric did with this diorama.

Here is what Eric has to say about the making of this diorama:

I'll tell you a bit more about the construction and how it came about. First I bought the figurine and three dragons, they use them to make sun catchers but I could see something different, I like to be different and not the usual same old same. Anyway, I did the wings and thought they would look better with lead edges instead of the foil (Tiffany method) it makes her look strong, strong enough to hold up a giant crystal.

The Hydra was made by cutting off the heads at the point where the neck meets the body then file them so that they sit on the shoulder of the uncut one (one has to be filed so as to sit on the left and the other opposite so it sits on the right shoulder). I then made the wings from glass and edged them in the same fashion as the dragon queen, I was thinking the best way to mount the now Hydra (multi-headed dragon) as it does not have a base it is meant to hang by a wire. I had some old lead sash window weights laying around and thought they would be ideal, it provided a lot of weight to make it stable and the combination of the wide wooden base worked well together, I then had to mount the queen, same problem she is meant to hang by a wire, then I got the idea to use a stick of plumbers solder, I soldered it to the base of the sash weight and a distance away a 90 degree bend and she sat atop of the end of it.

The rest is just made from styrene foam as you would in making scenery for the likes of War Hammer, I painted it and then used P.V.A. glue to attach the "grass and moss", doing an area at a time that is manageable to me.


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