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Making Stained Glass Dragons


This is an interesting concept in projects and this idea was submitted by a web visitor (C. Garrett) She take dragons and customizes them in a variety of ways. It's a great idea to take something and lend some artistic and craft skills to it to make it really something special. One of the most amazing things about these dragons is that she will often remove the wings and rebuild them out of stained glass :) Kind of neat. And she is currently working on a website so you will be able to see more of her work.


Here she tells us a little bit about how she does it.


I used the wing base attachment up to the first joint then rebuilt the rest from lead (non fluxed)with my iron. The glass was leaded in then all the joints decorative soldered to match the dragon. The bases are of fused glass. I hand painted all the dragons using modeling paints from Citadel and Reaper. One Dragon (see attached photo) I had to rebuild the entire wings from glass due to their configuration. I am currently building 4 more. All are different and I only make one of kind. Finding lead and pewter dragons is a bit difficult as they must be suitable for conversion.


The Stained Glass Dragons





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