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Enchanted Wisdom Witch Diorama

This diorama was made by Patricia. My thanks go to her for submitting the pictures and information to my website. You can see more of her work on her blog here: Enchanted Wisdom There are a couple of things that I really like about this diorama. First off the whole thing is completely scratch built including the witch. Secondly I like the simple arrangement. It is just a small scene of a single figure and a table but it still says a lot. This "saying a lot" with just a few items can be tricky to do but this diorama pulls it off perfectly.


The Name of This diorama is: Zulmyra: The Lucky Witch

Here are some of the materials Patricia used to make this diorama:

  • Polymer Clay for the doll (Fimo and for the skin is Fimo Puppen)
  • Balsa Wood for table and floor
  • Fabrics for all the clothes
  • Printable papers for the labels
  • Acrylic paints






Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the beanstalk bio diorama - Neat project with Jack and the giant and I used a real beanstalk. I call this type of diorama a "Bio Diorama" because they have a live component to them Jack and the Beanstalk diorama


Stained Glass Dragon

This is a great project submitted by a web visitor (C.Garrett). It is a really neat and creative idea. You start with the model of a dragon and you modify it by painting, adding materials and replacing/rebuilding the wings out of stained glass! Nice! See more pics and tips here: Make a Stained Glass Dragon


Polymer Clay Fairies

Polymer Clay fairy miniatures are very popular, and very beautiful. A guest artist has submitted to me a pic of his work and some great tips on improvising materials if you are going to sculpt your own fairy miniatures. Check it out here: Sculpting Polymer Clay Fairies


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