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Part 2: Making the Waterfall

In this part of the tutorial we make the waterfall and add the other water effects.


Start by cutting a strip of clear plastic from a 2 liter bottle of soda. Cut it over large to start with.


Then trim it to the size you want.


And glue it in place establishing a nice curve on the waterfall. I used the natural curve of the two liter bottle when I cut it. This helps establishing the curve. And I hot glued the top first and let it dry. Then I could curve it a little bit before gluing the bottom. If you have trouble establishing a nice waterfall-esque curve you can use a heat gun to carefully heat and shape the plastic.


Now let's add the clear glue. I put some in a small container.


And I added a little bit of blue acrylic paint to it. And I was shocked by how little blue paint it needed. So... go easy and just add a drop or two to see how it reacts. You can always add more blue paint as needed.


And poured it slowly on the fountain top and the river.


And dripped it onto the waterfall and used a brush to spread it out.


It will probably take multiple coats on the waterfall. Keep at it. An hour later return to it and add some more glue if needed. Keep an eye on it. This type of glue, as thick as we do it, will be very slow to harden. But that is good because it gives us time to manipulate it.

And as it starts to solidify you will be able to sculpt it a little bit. I am using the back of a paintbrush to add streaks in it. This gives it a nice waterfall look.


And over time, as it is drying and gelling together you can add some white paint.


Finally I poured it into the lake area. Note here that you need to have your diorama on a flat and level surface! Note how it flows and how it sits. Adjust the height of the corners of the diorama as needed to get the level of the glue the way you want it.

This glue takes quite a while to dry! I poured one thick layer in. And it took a couple of days to completely harden. But that's ok. Set it aside and keep an eye on it! Be sure it stays level while it is drying.

Note: You can do the lake in layers if you prefer. You can pour a 1/4 inch thick layer then set it aside for a day or two before returning to it and adding another layer. Your preference. I poured the complete depth. And you can always simply add more glue after it is dried if you want more depth.


Next Okay! The water effects are done. Let's finish the diorama by sculpting Ponce de Leon and adding terrain textures