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Make Diorama Water with Elmers Glue Gels (part 3 of making the diorama)

In this part of the tutorial we make the water effects. And because of the Elmer's Gels this is the easiest part of the whole diorama.


Elmer's Gel


I use two different Elmers products for this tutorial. You can use either one. I was just experimenting to see how they both worked.




Tools and Materials:


If you skipped to this part of the tutorial let me just review two points real quick!

Point 1:(the glue is liquid)When using any kind of a liquid or gel to make water effects you need to create a border to contain it while it solidifies! Otherwise it will leak out. In the picture above you see I have made a border all the way around the diorama. I used 3/8 inch wooden pieces. Shown by the arrows. And you should consider that some of the materials in the diorama should be water proof or water resistant.

The borders on the diorama


Point 2: Painting the base colors

The glue is translucent. So the colors you paint the base and the areas under the water are very important. You can have a lot of effect on the water depending on how you paint. One quick tip is to paint the deeper parts of the water a darker shade of blue. Then add white paint and paint the shallower parts a bit lighter blue. This picture shows the band of darker blue I have painted. I will add a bit of white paint to the blue and paint the rest of the water bodies.

Paint the dark blue


Let's Get Started

The upside-down fountain is first. This poses an interesting challenge for us. How do you get a liquid glue gel to stay upside-down without dripping away? I started by piercing a hole in the diorama right where the fountain will hang through.

Piercing a hole for the fountain


Then I soaked a cottonball in our Elmers Clear Glue

Adding glue to the cottonball


Then I used the paintbrush to push the soaked cottonball through the hole. I pushed it until it had the fountain shape I wanted.

shaping the fountain


Then I swirled the wet cotton on the top to make it look like it is frothing and spinning in a whirlpool like effect.

Swirling the cotton


Note Let's do the Waterfall next (continue)



Elmer's Liquid School Glue, Clear, Washable, 5 Ounces, 1 Count



Elmer's Liquid Gel School Glue, Washable, 7.625 Ounces, 1 Count