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Make a Model Apache Helicopter Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we finish making the helicopter. This includes the making of the cockpit sub assembly.



The cockpit

This helicopter does have some sub-assembly work to it. One of the things is the cockpit.

With a sub-assembly you put together a small group of parts to make a unit. In this case we make the cockpit and this will be installed into the fuselage of the helicopter.

Adding the blades

The cockpit also includes the blade assembly which is inserted into it without any glue so it can rotate freely.


Installing the cockpit into the fuselage

That assembly is then cemented into the fuselage of the helicopter.


Adding the other half of the fuselage

Then the second half of the fuselage is glued on. This encloses the cockpit into the craft.


Adding variouis parts to the fuselage

From here we add a series of parts to the fuselage of the craft.


Adding more parts

This includes the mini wings and the armaments under the wings.


Adding the glass of the cockpit

And the glass of the cockpit. And there are a lot of little detail parts that go on the helicopter, things like the handles you can see just to the right of the pilot.


The building of it is done

And that's it. The building part of the process is done.

NextLet's finish it by adding the decals

Book on building model aircraft

Building and Detailing Model Aircraft

You will learn how to master construction and finishing of plastic model aircraft with basic skills such as assembling aligning, gluing, surface preparation, painting, and decaling. Then you will be able to add extra details and use more advanced techniques.