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How To Make A Rainforest Diorama - continued

This rain forest diorama is easy to make and above all it shows in its construction the basic structure of a rain forest. A rain forest has five different layes of plant life and vegetation. These layers are called overlayer, canopy, underlayer, shrub layer and ground layer. This diorama takes the unique approach of creating each layer on a piece of paper then building these five layers into a diorama.

The canopy

Cut out all five of the rainforest levels.Feel free to dress them up a bit by coloring them with your own colors. Add any details you would like to add. Notice that the bottom part of each sheet is about a 1 inch thick section. This is the fold line. And you can also see that I cut a notch in the fold section of each level. This notch will allow you to fold the paper a little bit. This way it will stand up straighter and be stronger.


Fold it

This is what I mean by folding it at the notch a bit. If you fold it just a little like this and tape it where my thumb is it will be a much stronger structure and will stand up straight.


The layers of the canopy

After you have them all cut out and ready for installation you can put them aside while you build the diorama housing. This picture shows all five of them assembled on the table. This is how you will finally put them into your diorama.


The pattern

Here is the pattern. Measure this out on poster board and cut it. The dotted lines are fold lines. From this overall shape there are only two cuts on the bottom part.


The container for the diorama

Now just fold it and tape it. The box is ready for you to add some details and the five layers of the rainforest canopy.


The completed diorama

Here is my completed diorama with an extra stand-up card that explains each layer of the canopy.


The sheet for the amphi theatre

To make the amphitheatre diorama house we start with a piece of posterboard cut like this. This one is about 28 inches wide and 20 inches high. Of the 20 inch height it is about ten inches to the fold then the semi circle part is another ten inches.


Fold over like this

From here you just fold it in half then bring in the semi circle halves. Tape it firmly together.

Tape it in place

Now measure and cut a top and tape it in place.


Looks good

Add two strips, one at the top and one at the bottom and it is done. Now you can decorate it and add the five layers of the rainforest canopy.


The diorama is complete

Here is my completed diorama.

The assembly is complete. I hope you had fun and I hope you did some little creative extras to make your diorama special.


The Parthenon

Paper Parthenon - Acropolis

Complete downloadable project, print it up and glue it together. It is the Parthenon in Greece. I also have a video showing it and showing the real Parthenon. The Paper Parthenon


Home made play dough

How to Make PlayDough

There are lots of recipes on how to make dough for kids to play with. This recipe is probably the best. Requires a bit of heating in a pan. Its a fun project in itself and the final product is fun too!

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