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A Star Wars Swamp Diorama


Here is a great diorama made by a web visitor. This is, of course, the famous swamp scene from one of the star wars movies. It is a great example of seeing something then creatively turning it into a diorama. This is one of my favorite things to do and you can see an example of how I did this with the battlefield from the movie 300. Chip Frazier is the creator of this Swamp Diorama and you can also see another example of his work in this elegant giraffe diorama



Here are the pictures and Chip's description:

  • Swamp1--Full view of entire diorama
  • Swamp2--A closer view of tree roots made from Sculpey
  • Swamp3--Large tree stump in back is real but smaller stumps and all roots are made using Sculpey
  • Swamp4--Rock and roots made from Sculpey, mossy appearance and scum on water is created using model railroad foilage
  • Swamp9--Another full view, different angle
  • Swamp12-- X-wing and R2D2 painted as weathered (doesn't show in this picture but cockpit is scratch-built and connected to fiberoptics and LEDs for instrumentation panel and R2D2's light in dome-on/off switch is built into back of large tree stump)
  • Swamp15--A little better view of scratch-built cockpit
  • Swamp18--Full view, different angle--can't see the on/off switch for lights but it is in largest tree stump on right side of picture.

A Note from Will: One of the most outstanding things about this diorama is the wonderful tree roots that Chip sculpted out of Sculpey. If you want to try your hand at Sculpey you can find it on my webpage here.


The swamp diorama

The terrain

The terrain

The trees and roots

The x wing fighter

The miniature figure

The pilot

The diorama


Smaug and bilbo

Smaug and Bilbo Diorama

This is a spectacular diorama made by a web visitor (Giorgio). He shows us how he made the diorama. Oh and he hand sculpted the dragon too. He shows us step by step how he did that too. The Smaug Diorama


Silent Hill: Reflections of Triangle Head

The video game is very mood inducing and spooky. How do you convey this in a diorama? Mirrors are perfect for this Pyramid Head diorama. Check it out here


3 Succubi Diorama Thumb

3 Succubi Diorama I have This is a desktop sized diorama that you have just got to see. Definitely one of my favorites. If you are looking to do some kind of fantasy diorama you might want to take a look at this one. The 3 Succubi Diorama And Marshall has made some other terrific diorama projects that you also might want to take a look at including: Aerial Battlefield - Dragon on the Bridge - Roman Warship - Rocky Cliff Shadowbox - You can see them all here: Marshall's Dioramas


Stargate Diorama This is a terrific diorama made by a web visitor (Lee). He also gives us pictures and information about how to make a diorama like this. The Stargate Diorama