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Make the Helicopter Blade Sword from Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Movie - Part 2



In this part of the tutorial we make and glue together the various parts of the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Apply glue

If you haven't done it already glue those two (or four) blade sheets together.


Glue the handle on


And glue the handle onto the sword blade. Push that slot right onto the blade. Put plenty of hot glue on both sides. Then add more around the edges when it's on.


Add the extra pieces

Glue the spacers onto the blade. They fit around the dowel. The template has these spacers but they are not cut out for the dowel. This way you can custom cut those slots for your dowel.

You may need to do two, or three, of these spacers depending on how thick your dowel is.


Add more pieces

Now glue the bolt plate on top. It should sit nice and flat against the spacers and the dowel.


The collar

Now cut a donut shape as the guard for the sword handle. This is one inch thick foam. The hole in the middle is 1.5 inches because that is the dowel diameter. And the outer ring is 3 inches.


Slide on the collar

Slide it right onto the handle and up against the bolt plate. Glue it in place.


Cut it out of foam

Now cut a square like this. It is the lock nut for the guard. The circle in the middle matches our handle and the outer square is 2 inches in diameter.


Two foam pieces

Slide that lock nut right up against the guard and glue it in place.


The pommel

Now cut and shape a pommel out of foam and glue it to the end of the handle like this. This is two inches thick. The wide diameter of the pommel is three inches and the narrow diameter is two inches.


NextOk! The sword is built. Now let's Paint it




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