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Make the Skyrim Greatsword - part 2

Ok! Now we start the actual construction of the greatsword.

(Part 1 of this tutorial is here)



Let's get started by printing up the template.

Cut out pieces

Cut out pieces 1,2, and 3 in the template. Notice that on two of the pieces there are dotted lines. Do not cut these yet. Right now ou cut around the pieces and on the dashed lines.




Tape those three pieces together like this.

The template for the handle


Trace handle

Now place that template on your sheet of foam board and trace it.







Cut on dotted line

Now cut the template on the first dotted line. This is the dotted line two inches from the end.

Now place the template on the foam board and trace it.







After tracing the template you do this process again! Cut the next dotted line, place the template on your foamboard and trace it.


Cut out parts

You now have three handle pieces. Each one is two inches shorter than the previous one. Cut them out.







The handle parts

Here are the three pieces. Notice the differing lengths.







Glue handle like this

Glue those three pieces together, one right on top of the other. This is what you end up with.

Ok! The handle section is done. Now we are going to do the exact same thing with the blade section.






Make the Skyrim Steel Sword

Skyrim steel sword

Great looking sword made out of foamboard. And it is three layers thick which means it is strong enough to use. I also show you a nice techique for painting it to get this great steel look. Make the Steel Sword from Skyrim




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