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Make the Skyrim Greatsword - part 4

Now let's do the ricasso and pommel and the ornamental work.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



The ornament template

Cut out parts Z1 and Z2 and tape them together like this.





Cut out pommel piece

And cut out the pommel piece, part X.









Place  template  on foamboard


Now use a couple of pieces of tape and tape those pieces to foam board.







Trace template

And trace around those pieces.









Trace ornaments

Now we also need to transfer the ornamental pattern onto the foamboard. We do this by tracing over all the lines with a pencil, pressing down firmly on the template.

This causes an indent in the foamboard.








Draw on the indents

Now when you lift the template you can see the indent n the foamboard. Draw it out with a pencil.

I recommend you do this process in small areas at a time until the whole pattern is transferred.

Do this for the ricasso piece (Z1-Z2) and for he pommel piece.






Once you have completed tracing the Ricasso and the Pommel. You lift up the template and do them both again. You end up with two ricasso pieces and two pommel pieces.

Finish the ornaments


Cut out the details

Now let's cut out the details on these four pieces. You cut out the various small sections, cutting through the top layer of paper and a little foam. But don't cut all the way through the foam board.








Cut out the details

Once you cut around a piece you can pluck it out.









CUt out the parts

It looks great. Do this on all four pieces. Then cut those pieces out of the sheet of foam board.

NextOkay! Let's continue with the tutorial