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Make the Skyrim Greatsword - part 5

In this part of the tutorial we glue those pieces onto the sword and paint it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Glue the pommel pieces on

Glue the pommel onto the sword. One on each side.










Glue the ricasso on

And glue the ricasso on. One on each side of the sword.









Glue the ricasso on


Paint the ricasso blackNow paint the sword black. Be sure to get the paint deep into the ornaments.

Paint the whole sword. or you can leave the handle grip section unpainted because we will cover it with some vinyl.






Dry brush silver on

Now we are going to finish the painting by using a technique called dry-brushing. You put silver paint on your brush then dab most of it off. You can see in the picture I have dabbed most of the paint off on the brown paper bag.

Then you lightly brush over the surface of the sword. This leave a very light amount of silver paint on the sword.







Paint the pommel

And paint the pommel solid silver.









The sword looks great

Okay! The sword looks great.

Next Let's continue with the tutorial









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