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Make the Game of Thrones coin (Part 2)


In this part of the tutorial I show you how to paint the coin so it looks great. We also start on the molding process if you want to make duplicates of the coin.

The beginning of this tutorial is here



Note: This part is about painting the coin. If you are going to mold your coin so you can make copies then do not paint it at this time! It will affect the molding process. Save the painting for those duplicate coins you make!

Paint it silver

Paint the whole coin a nice coat of Silver. If you don't have Silver a Light Gray will work well too. You might need multiple coats of paint to cover the colors underneath.


Washing technique

Next we use a technique called washing to really bring out the details. You get your brush soaked with a watery black then dab it on the coin. It flows into the cracks nicely and looks good.

wash the lettering

The same thing applies to the lettering on the other side. You brush on a very wet black and it settles around the letters, accentuating them.

Dry Brushing

Now we finish off the coin with a technique called dry brushing. This is where you get some light colored paint on the brush and dab most of it off on a cloth. Then lightly wipe the brush on the coin. The white color will rub off only on the high portions of the coin. And in this case that is the top of the letters.


OK! Let's do the molding process so we can make lots of coins!! It's not difficult. I will walk you through it. And we are going to use some easy to get materials.

Quick note about molds. When you want to make copies of a solid and inflexible object like a coin you need a mold that is flexible and rubbery. We are using a product called Mold Putty which is easy to use and very flexible. Here it is on Amazon: Amazing Mold Putty

Super Mold Putty

A little bit about it. There are two different colored clays in the box. You mix equal amounts of each color together then wrap it on your object. It will be ready in about 20 minutes. And, the mold is good to 300 degrees fahrenheit which means we can use a low melting point metal inside it.


Pour spout

This is optional but you can prep your coin by adding a little section of cardboard or something else to it like this. This, when removed, creates the pour spout so you can pour the plastic or metal in. If this is a bit unclear you will get it in a minute.


mix halves

Ok! Mix equal amounts of the two colors together and be brisk about it. This stuff is drying as you mix it!!

Mold the putty around it.

Ok, wrap the putty around your coin. Remember that the point is to be right up against the whole coin so it makes the coin shape along with all the details. So pretty it firmly in. We don't want any air pockets.


Stand it up

Ok! Cover it completely, leaving our little pour spout free and press it on the table so it stands up like this. And let it dry for 20 minutes.

Having the pour spout at the top like that is what we want because we will pour the plastic or metal right in there.

NextOk, Let's continue and pour some stuff in that mold!


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