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Make a Knight's Helmet out of Craft Foam - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we build the helmet.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Let's start building the helmet


The template top piece

Let's make the top piece. In the template packet there are two halves for the top. Kind of looks like heart halves. Cut them out and tape them together like this








Trace two on foamboard

Trace that piece onto foamboard or cardboard twice. (either cardboard or foamboard will be quite ok) . And go ahead and cut those two pieces out.








Cut and glue them together

Glue them together, one right on top of the other. It isn't mandatory that you make a double stack like this. You could just go with a single. But a double stack is much better. It will be stronger as a helmet and it will be better for your hinged visor.








Slide into helmet

Now you can slide that stack right into your helmet like this and push it all the way down so it lays flat on the table.









Trim it smooth

You want that piece to snugly fit into the helmet. But if you have trouble and can't push it in snugly you can trim it as needed.









Glue it


Tape it or glue it nice and securely in place.










View of the helmet

Starting to look like a helmet!










Add trim

Cut a couple of one inch strips of foam and glue it around the bottom edge of the helmet.











Mark for the opening

Put the helmet on and measure out a portal like this.

This hole size and location will vary depending on the size of your head!










Cut the portal out

Cut that portal out.











Add trim around portal

Glue half inch trim around that eye portal.

NextLet's continue with the tutorial and make the visor










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