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Make a Medieval Axe - Part 2


Page 1 of this tutorial is here

In this part of the tutorial we continue building the axe by making the pieces and gluing them together.


Trace onto cardboard

Now let's work on the rest of the axe. Rough cut around the remaining template pieces and glue them down to cereal box cardboard.

Use glue stick for this if you have glue stick. It works the best for this.

Before gluing down any of the pieces examine the cardboard. If there are wrinkles or bends in it try to avoid those spot. These will weaken the axe.


Cut out the spike template

Cut out all those pieces.


Score the dashed lines

Several of the pieces you just cut out have dashed lines. Score those dashed lines with a sharp knife. Don't cut through just score them so they can be cleanly folded along those lines.

Form the tip

Now glue together the two spikes. One spike is straight and one spike is curved. Notice how you should bend the pieces on the score lines you made. And see how it forms into a three dimensional shape with thickness.

Put these together with the paper side on the inside.


Glue the halves together

This picture shows the two spikes. They look great.


Glue on the end

Next glue the hex shaped pieces onto each end of the hex shaped handle you made.


Paint the handle

Once the glue has dried on the handle piece take the tape off and paint it two different brown colors. The two different browns will give it a good wood look. And lay the paint on thick.


Add wood grain with paint

Now, with a thick layer of brown paint on it and still wet use the back of a paintbrush to create a wood grain pattern in the handle.


Wrap the handle

Take the segmented rectangular piece and wrap it around one end of the handle piece. The tabs will meet up against each other. Wrap this so that the white printed paper side is on the inside against the handle.


Add the flange

It should look like this.


NextOkay! Let's continue with the making of this axe



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