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How to Make a Medieval Mace: Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we begin making the mace.


Cut the handle

Cut the handle of your mace to twenty inches in length.


Cut the hole

Our handle is one inch wide so measure and cut a one inch wide hole in your styrofoam ball. Cut it deep into the ball - about half way into it.


Drill the Hole

If you have a drill, use that. This is a one inch drill bit.


Apply Glue

Apply a liberal amount of glue or hot glue to the mace handle.

Note: Hot glue may melt your styrofoam ball. Test it first. Apply some hot glue to the ball and see if it melts. If it does what you should do is apply the hot glue to the wooden dowel then wait about ten seconds for it to cool some. Then go ahead and insert it into the ball.


Glue Together


Spread the Glue

Spread the glue around. We want a very strong bond between the handle and the ball. This way it won't go flying off when you are swinging the mace.


Measure the foam

Now let's make the spikes for the ball.





A mini crossbow

Make a Mini Crossbow

This is a powerful little crossbow that fires straws! Easy to make and whole lot of fun. Make a mini crossbow


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