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Make Foam Armor Knight's Cuisses - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we attach the foam to the posterboard and apply the velcro so we can get the cuisses on and off easily.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Apply spray adhesive

Now let's apply the craft foam to the posterboard.

Use a spray adhesive and apply an even coat to the poster board pieces.

You can use other types of adhesives but craft foam can be tricky. You should test your glue by affixed a test piece of foam to poster board.

PRess onto foam

Apply craft foam to the whole surface of the poster board. Cut pieces and apply them to any empty spots.






Trace onto foam

Now cut away all the excess foam.





Posterboard covered in foam

You now have the cuisses that are posterboard covered in foam.






We will curve the cuisses

We are going to curve them into the thigh tubes like this and with a little bit of overlap so we can apply velcro.

Notice that for velcro to work we need to put one strip on the inside and one strip on the outside. This way they meet and attach correctly.






Velcro is a great option for the cuisses. It allows us to easily put on and take them off.

Attach one strip of velcro to one end like this. On the poster board side.






Attach velcro

And attach velcro to the foam side on the other end of the cuisse like this.








But don't attach the velcro directly to the foam. It may come loose easily. Cut away a portion of the foam and attach the velcro to the poster board. It will be more durable.


Apply velcroApply velcro


Roll and connect velcro

Now you can curve it and attach the velcro pieces. Try them on!


NextLet's continue and finish the cuisses






Make Gauntlets out of Craft Foam

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