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Make Senua's Blade from Hellblade - Part 2 assembly

In this part of the tutorial we assemble together the sword.


Glue the blades together- one right on top of the other. Having a double stack like this makes a stronger sword.


Glue the blades together


Slide the Tsuba (guard) over the handle and all the way up to the blade. And glue it in place.

The first tsuba piece


Do this for all four of them. Don't glue them together then slide them on. Slide them on one at a time and glue them in place. Glue them to each other and to the handle.

Glue the tsuba pieces on


Then glue on the house shaped object. It is called the Habaki. It goes over the blade part not over the handle part. Flip the sword over and glue another Habaki on the other side.

The habaki


Next we will wrap the strip around the Tsuba. But the strip of foam board is too thick to wrap easily without bending.

The tsuba wrap


So cut it in half along the edge so you halve it's thickness.

Cut the wrap in half


Then glue it around the tsuba.

wrap the tsuba


Wrap it all the way around and trim it to fit. It looks good.

The tsuba wrap is done


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Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice