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How to make the steel dagger from Skyrim Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we complete the building of the dagger and paint it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Glue the handle on.

Fit blade to handle   Glue it


Then glue the guards on.

Apply glue to guard   Attach the ornamental guard



Attach the pommel

Cut a one and a half inch strip of foamboard. Remove one layer of paper then wrap it around the end of the handle. This creates the pommel.








Put vinyl on for the handle

Now let's cover the handle. You have some options here. If you don't have any leather or cloth you can just paint the handle brown. I did mine in two steps. First I covered the handle with black leather.






Wrap the handle

Then I wrapped a piece of brown vinyl over that. This vinyl is self-adhesive but very thin. So, with the two layers I have a nice soft handle that is the right color.






Let's Paint it

Paint the ornaments

Paint the internal spaces on guard black.







Paint it all silver

Then paint everything else silver including the blade, the pommel and the part of the guard that isn't black.






And that's it! Your Skyrim Steel Dagger is done!

The Skyrim Steel Dagger is done



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