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How to Make a Spartan Warrior Sword (page 2)


This is part 2 of the assembly procedure that shows you how to make a spartan 300 warrior sword out of cardboard. The first page of this assembly procedure is located here

I also have some other 300 Spartan equipment projects which currently include a helmet, spear, vambraces, leg guards and shield. . The projects are here: Make a Spartan Helmet - Make a Spartan Spear - Make Spartan 300 Vambraces (ArmGuards) - Make Spartan Leg Guards - Make a Spartan Shield



Let's continue on with the building of this cardboard sword.

You can see that the sword is pretty much complete. Now we just have to add the optional vein down the middle and then paint it.


The Cardboard sword



Glue the wire

Starting at the tip of the sword glue the wire right down the middle of the blade. Glue gun works really well for this but if you only have regular glue that will work fine too. I recommend you glue it then put a little bit of tape over it to hold it in place while it dries.


Run tape to handle

Run the wire all the way down the blade to the handle. And also do this on the other side of the blade. This whole step of adding the wire vein is optional but it does look better with it.

Once the glue has dried it is time to paint. You can see in this picture on the left that I have covered the handle with white paper. This is to protect it from getting painted.

Once I have painted the rest of the sword I will remove this white paper and paint the handle last.

You don't need to mask off the handle if you are brushing on paint. But if you are using spray paint you might want to do this. It will turn out better and neater.


Painting The Sword

Painted black

Paint the whole sword black. And if you are spray painting, mask off the handle like I have done in this picture.


Paint Blade Silver

Paint the edge of the blade silver.


Paint the handle brown

Paint the handle brown and add some black lines and you are done!


Here is the completed sword. Have fun!

The completed sword




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