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Making a diorama Chapter 6:
Flora and Fauna

In this part of the tutorial we add various greenery to the diorama and in varying stages.


Applying thicker brush

Now you can apply some thicker brush and some weeds around the rock.

Apply the large clumps of brush with a heavy glue. Wood glue or elmers glue works well for this. Spray it down with your bottle of scenic cement to keep it in place.

You apply the weeds by grasping a bundle of them and cutting one end flat, then apply a large blob of glue to this cut end and hold it on the scene.

Grasp the weekds

Grasp the bundle of weeds, cut one end flat and apply a blob of glue to it.

Place the weeds

Hold it on the diorama long enough for the tack of the glue to hold it upright

The weeds in place

The weeds add a great detail. Particulary around the rocks.

You can place weeds and rough shrubs anywhere on the diorama that they make sense. Have some fun with this. Now we are ready to make some trees.

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Field GrassField Grass, Light Green

This is what I use to make the clumps of grass in the tutorial. I also have a tutorial specifically about making tufts of grass