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Making a diorama Chapter 7:
Making and adding trees

Creating realistic trees takes some artistic effort, but with a little bit of practice you can get your trees to look great. If you are using found materials then you will have to experiment until you get the trees to look realistic. For this tutorial I have purchased a ready made kit that has all the materials needed (except the glue).


Tree Kit

This is the ready to go tree kit I purchased from a hobby shop. It has the materials needed to build seven trees including the trunks, the bases and the foliage. A kit like this makes great looking trees.

Hob e tac

In order to make realistic trees with the kit you have to have a fast setting glue with really good gripping power. I have selected a glue called Hob-e-Tac©. I suggest you also use this.



I have also found a common houseglue that works well for this. This glue is advertised as being good for porcelain, ceramic and many types of materials.


NextLets make a tree now


Miniature trees

Medium Green Ready Made Trees 6" - 7" Woodland Scenics


Miniature trees

Amazon.com has all the materials you need including premade trees and foliage Woodland Scenics Trees and more

Ready made trees

Ready Made Tree Value Deciduous (Set of 14)