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Making a diorama Chapter 7 continued: Making trees

In this part of the tutorial we use a kit to make our trees. This is a common way for tree making. This is a woodland scenics kit.


Miniature trees by Woodland Scenics





Woodland Scenics Deciduous Tree Kit, Small (36)


The tree armature

This is a tree armature that comes in the tree making kit.


Shape the tree

Bend the branches so they take a three dimensional natural shape.

Add cement or glue

Apply your glue liberally to many of the branches. Do not cover the entire tree. Remember that trees have areas with leaves and areas without leaves.


Dip the tree in the foliage

While the glue is still tacky dip your tree armature in the bag of foliage and spin it around. Take the tree out and examine it. Add more glue as you see necessary and dip the tree again. You can put more glue on the tree and add the foliage by hand for the finishing touches.

Don't just use one type of foliage material. Vary the colors and the textures.


The tree is complete

Here is a photo of a completed tree. It looks great! allow the glue to dry.


Pre made trees

Buy Premade trees and diorama building materials at amazon.com Woodland Scenics Trees and more


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