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Making a diorama Chapter 7 continued: Adding the trees to the scene

In this part of the tutorial we add the trees we made to the diorama.


Various miniature trees

Shown here is a group of three trees I have added to the scene. The plastic trees have a point at the bottom. You can punch a small hole into the surface of your scene, apply a liberal amount of glue then stick your tree right into it. Hold the tree in place for a minute to allow the glue to set then apply glue around the base of the tree and add small amounts of green or brown material to make the tree look like it is naturally growing out of the ground.

The trees are a very important aspect of your model. They add height. Otherwise the overall scene would be very flat. Take care in how you position them. If you have several trees try to place them in a natural way and you should vary their height and texture. Be creative. You can cut off branches and use them as shrubs. Cut the trunk off of one of the trees to make it shorter. If you are unhappy with the placement of a tree you can remove it and reposition it somewhere else. Simply repair the hole in the scene by applying glue and sprinkling the green material on it.


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