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Making a diorama Chapter 8:
Adding miniatures

In this part of the tutorial we add the miniature figures.

If you are interested in miniatures I have a whole lot of different tutorials on how to make them, how to cast them, how to paint them and more. Links and more info on all these tutorials at the bottom of the page.


The miniatures come with small spikes on the bottoms of their feet. You can make small holes in your landscape, apply glue then stick the spikes in the holes. Miniatures also come with flat bases that they stand on. You can simply stand the miniature on the scene and apply glue to the top of the base and sprinkle it with your green grass material. This causes the base to blend in with the diorama. If the miniature will be standing on a dirt part of the scene then apply the same dirt to the top of the base.


Miniature skeletons on the diorama

Now the miniatures have been placed on the scene! It looks great. Remember that you can
remove them and reposition them until you get an arrangement you like. Just repair any holes in the scenery
with a small dab of glue and a sprinkling of colored material.

Your diorama is complete. But if you want to add a light to the scene then continue on to the next chapter


Casting Miniatures


I take you through the whole process of making the mold then casting the miniature. I cast a miniature dwarf in a two part mold, includes videos.. How to cast two part rubber molds

Painting Miniatures


Tips and techniques for painting miniature subjects,- This tutorial for miniature painting starts here

Sculpting Miniatures


This is a very in-depth series of tutorials that take you through the whole process of sculpting your own fantasy miniatures. It includes a series of videos. How to Sculpt Fantasy Miniatures