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Making a diorama Chapter 9:
Enhancing your scene by adding a light

Your diorama looks great. You have taken a lot of time and made it look very realistic. But there are things you can do to spice it up. You can add lots of special effects! Here I show you how to add a light. I have added a light to the tip of the wizards staff and when you push a button it lights up.


The lit up wizard

This picture shows our wizard with a red light on the top of his staff. This is a small christmas bulb that i found in my box of junk. I experimented with various batteries to see which one would make it light up. A 9 volt battery works well with this bulb and it gives off a great red glow.

The wizard with bulb and wiring

The christmas bulb i am using has two long wires on it. I carefully glued the bulb to the top of the wizard's staff then glued the wires down the staff, around the back of the wizard and then down one of his legs.

With a coat hanger I punched a hole in the top of the diorama where the wizard stands and I fished the wires through this hole then out the side of the scene. I attached to these wires the battery and switch.

The hole in the diorama

At the wizards foot I punched a hole with a coat hanger then ran the coat hanger out the side of the model (where the arrow is) I attached the wires to the coat hanger and pulled them through then attached the wizard to the scene. Now all that remains is to connect the battery and switch.

The wiring

Here is a sketch showing the wiring.


The button to operate

I have enclosed my diorama in a cardboard box. Now a person can press the button and look at the scene inside. The red light from the wizard's staff illuminates the scene with an ominous glow. It turns it into a nighttime conflict.

The arrow shows the push button that lights up the wizard's staff.

I have cut a small hole in the box so the viewer can look inside.

Thankyou for using my tutorial. I hope it was helpful! If you have any questions feel free to send me an email If you have made a diorama send me a picture and I will post it on my site! _Will

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