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How to Make a Dragon Egg


You just need a few basic supplies to make a dragon egg. Things like a balloon and some flour. This tutorial shows you how to do it. I also show you how to make the yolk inside the egg and a big frying pan to fry it up!

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

If you came here from youtube thanks! Give me a day to finish this web based tutorial. Bookmark and come back tomorrow!

If you like paper mache projects I have more projects right here.


The completed egg

And well, If you are going to make a dragon egg you also might want instructions on how to cook a dragon egg! LOL. In this tutorial I will add a bit of information about how I made the yolk and the frying pan.

Adding salt


Shelby's egg

Thinking about making a project like this? A web visitor has done it (Shelby) And it came out spectacular! Check out lots of pictures and information on how Shelby made this project right here: Shelby's Eragon Dragon Egg Diorama


Materials Needed for this project:


Blow up a balloon

Blow up a balloon to the size you want your egg to be and put it on some kind of a holder like a bowl or a pan. This will make it easier to work with. Note that in this picture I am using a plastic bowl. But the egg gets heavy and it kept tipping over as I paper mached it so I switched to a pan which was much better.


Let's Mix up some Paper Mache

Paper mache is very easy to make.

Mix paper mache

Mix two cups of white flour, two cups of water, and 1 tablespoon of salt in a large bowl. Mix it up until it is creamy and smooth. Note that the salt is for prohibiting mold growth. It is flour after all and over the course of a year or more it can get moldy. The salt prohibits this.

Alternatively you can use white glue rather than the flour. And there is no need for the salt. 2 cups white glue and two cups of water is all you need.



cut strips of paper towel

Now cut yourself a whole bunch of strips of paper towels or newspaper. Make about fifty strips and they are about two inches wide.

Newspaper is easier to work with but paper towels will make a smoother egg.


dip the strips

Dip a strip in the paper mache and use a scissoring action with your fingers to wipe off the excess.


cover the balloon

And place the strip on the balloon. Continue doing this until the balloon is entirely covered.


Overlap the strips

And this is important! Overlap the strips! This will cause it to form a strong bond. Each strip should overlap other strips. The more overlapping the better. See how the strip I am placing covers about a third of the previous strip? Nice!


first layer is done

Ok! The first layer is done. And this might be enough. But I recommend you do a second layer. SO, allow this layer to completely dry then apply a second layer. This will take overnight to dry. Pointing a fan at it will speed up the drying.


Use a fan

A fan helps it dry much faster. And notice how I switched off the blue bowl and onto a pan. Much stabler.


NextOkay, Let's finish this dragon egg off!


You can watch the video tutorial here


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