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Make a Fantasy Shadowbox Diorama - Continued

I have cutout a section of the mid-level floor. This is where the ladder will go through. After doing this you can paint and apply texture to this piece.




Install the background into the box and glue it in place. Show in this picture is the background glued in. Also shown is the beginning of the ladder. I have used the bristles from a broom to do this. I glued them in then waited for the glue to dry before I glued in the horizontal rungs. This makes it much easier to handle.






Here is the completed ladder. After it dries it is ready for painting.




Okay! The Background is complete. You may want to add some details. I added a painted shield on the wall in the top half. You can see that in the next pictures.

More Ideas: Add a little bit of brush or scrub. Paint doors or windows on the side walls. Hang a chandelier from the top. Add some things in the lower half that makes it very dungeon-like.






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