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How to make aged paper like parchment

This tutorial is part of a series of tutorials on paper. You might want to check out some of those other tutorials including how to make home made paper and how to make a medieval scroll.

Treating a piece of paper like this is particularly suitable if you want to make the medieval scroll.

There are a few different ways to age paper so it looks more medieval. I will show you one easy technique and tell about some alternative techniques that you can use.


The aged paper

closeup of the paper


Cut some paper

To do this project you can potentially use most types of paper. But you are wetting it and some papers will be a bit tricky when wet because they are thin and prone to ripping/breaking. If you have some kind of artist sketch pad on thicker paper you should use that. Here I am cutting our paper from a sketch book.

Brew some tea

Now brew yourself a cup of tea! Make it nice and strong and leave the tea bag in there. Let it cool down or cool it down by sitting the cup in cold water.

You should place your paper in some kind of tray because it gets a little messy.

dabble on the tea

Now grab that teabag and use it to dabble tea onto the paper. Make it nice and thick and nice and varied. You will quickly get a feel for what is right.

tear the paper

If you want a tattered parchment look you can also roughly tear a little bit of paper off the side edges. This is an optional thing and you can experiment with this. Tearing it before applying the tea is easier and safer, and it looks different.

Wet all the paper

Be sure to wet all the paper. I like to make it very splotchy with some spots much darker than others. It looks good that way.


That's it. All that remains is to let it dry! And you have some aged parchment paper! It is ready for a medieval declaration!


Some Alternatives and techniques

You can also use soy sauce for this technique. It works pretty good. And you can use a lighter or a match to burn a little bit around some of the edges. That also gives a nice look.


Roylco Inc. R-15286 Roylco Design Craft Paper Antique

Roylco Design Craft Paper Antique Paper 8.5 x 11 32/Sheets. Use these antique parchment style papers to help illustrate poems and short stories using medieval letter-sets and scripts. Draw out an antiqued family tree family Coat of Arms or a realistic treasure map. 81/2" x 11" (22 x 28 cm). 32/pkg.



How to make a Medieval Scroll!

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Make a Wax seal stamper:

Yes, make your very own wax stamper with a coat of arms, family crest or just your initials. I made a gauntlet holding a sword. Fun little medieval project. We don't write letters much but if you do send a correspondence it would be fun to officially wax seal it like this! Make a wax seal stamper.



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