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Making paper with a Grummer Kit


My friend Jim has really been bitten by the paper making bug. He is having a lot of fun with it. He bought a Grummer kit from amazon and has taken pictures of the whole process he uses to make paper with the kit.

In this tutorial I take you through the steps he follows and I give you a link to the exact kit so you can check it out. This is a terrific way to start out in the world of paper making at a low expense.

My thanks go to Jim for all the hard work he put into this!

And, if you make paper be sure to send me pics. I have a page here where I will put the pics. Thanks!


Here is the exact kit that Jim uses to make this paper:

Grummer paper making kit

Arnold Grummer's Econoly Large-Dip Handmold Papermaking Kit

It also comes with dried flowers that you can add to your paper.

The finished paper

Here is the sheet of paper that we make in this tutorial. This isn't the dried flowers that come with the kit. This is an Ivy.

Paper in blender

Ok, we start by putting shreds of paper in a blender with some water and some cotton linters.

The cotton linters are wholly optional.

(Arnold Grummer's Bright White Cotton Linters 8 oz. )

Pulp in blender

Blend it up. You have a lot of tolerance with this. You can blend it a little bit to keep it rougher or you can blend it more to make it smoother. Seeing how you blend it and how the paper turns out will be something for you to make note of and learn from. This way you can develop your own preferences.

Lay grid in pan

Ok, let's get started.Lay the plastic grid down into your pan. Then place the sheet of plastic mesh over it.

Place deckel on frame

Then place your wooden deckel frame on top of that.


You can throw a rubber band around this whole three piece assembly on each end.

About the Ivy. Sometimes plants can bleed into the paper and the colors smudge and get lost. Here is a great tip on how to handle plants, herbs and flowers in your paper.

Press the plant between the pages of a book that has no metal in it. Then microwave it for about 2 minutes to dry it out. Then coat it with mod podge and let that dry. This has dried and preserved it. Now the colors won't run in the paper.

This whole drying process is a matter of trial and error though. You might want to tinker with the microwave timing.

Add leaves to the paper pulp

Ok, put some water in your metal bin. Enough water to submerge the wooden deckel assembly.

Now hold the wooden assembly over the pan and pour your paper pulp into it. It will tend to be uneven and lumpy. You submerge it gently in the water and sluice it around a bit to even it out. Pull it out of the water and when you are happy with it place your Ivy and leaves right on top. Don't press them into the paper. They will disappear when the paper dries. Just place them on top. This picture shows some of it pressed in a bit too much.


Place screen on paper

Remove the wooden frame. and place the screen over the paper. This screen also comes with the kit.

Dry the paper

Now we use some kind of an absorbent material to press down on the screen and paper to push out a lot of the excess water. A shamwow works good for this. Couching paper is something that is traditionally used. You can also use paper towels or felt.

(A.grummer 20/Pk Large 9.25x11.75 Couch Sheets )

The paper looks good

Here you go. The paper is looking great.

Lift the covering

You gently peel this paper away from the two sheets of screening, onto an absorbent surface and let it dry. Typically you put it between two sheets of absorbent surface like couching paper or felt sheets and then press down on it with a press or with something heavy like stacks of books. And let it dry this way. You can also put the wet paper between sheets of paper towels and Iron it with a clothes Iron. Put the Iron on a low setting and no steam.

Here is some more paper we made with this kit:

The completed paper with leaves

A sheet of home made paper



Grummer couch sheets

A.grummer 20/Pk Large 9.25x11.75 Couch Sheets

Grummer paper making kit

Arnold Grummer's Econoly Large-Dip Handmold Papermaking Kit

It also comes with dried flowers that you can add to your paper.

Cotton linters

(Arnold Grummer's Bright White Cotton Linters 8 oz. )

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