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How to Make a Mold and Deckle for Paper Making

The mold and deckle is a two part thing. The mold (on the right) is just a frame with some screen stretched over it. The deckle is just a cover that goes on the mold. The deckle just holds the liquid pulp into shape for a little bit. Then you lift it off and the paper is shaped.

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You can see that there are two parts to this. The part on the left is called the deckle.

That fits over the mold on the right which has a piece of screen stretched over it.

A mold and deckle


Four pieces of wood

Cut yourself four pieces of wood like this. Make them the size and shape that you want. For instance, if you want to make paper that is 8 inches by 8 inches then cut them all so the internal opening is 8 inches. I used 1x1 pieces of wood for this part.

secure it together

Now you need to attach those four pieces together firmly. You can probably screw them together. I made four "L" shaped pieces of wood and screwed right on top where the corners are.

looks good

It looks good and is nice and strong.

Cut a piece of screen

Now cut yourself a piece of window screen that is a few inches larger than the wooden frame alll the way around.

secure the screen

Now secure the screen all the way around the sides of the wooden frame. Use thin pieces of wood for this and either nail it in or screw it in. Make the screen reasonably taut.

The mold

Ok! Looks good. The mold is done. Now lets make the deckle (cover).

The deckle

The deckle is a frame of wood that fits over the mold. There is no screen in it and it should sit flat on the mold - only exposing screen on the mold.

You can see that the four pieces of wood are just secured together with blocks of wood in the corners. You can use "L" shaped brackets like you did with the mold.

Put deckle on mold


This picture shows me just about to put the deckle on the mold.

They look good

This picture shows the deckle in place on the mold.

Add handles

The only thing remaining is to nail or screw on a couple of pieces to the deckle. These are so it fits snugly over the mold.

Now you can put the deckle right over the mold and it will fit snugly.

It should also fit nice and flat.

Dip the mold in paper pulp

How the mold and deckle work. You put the deckle on the mold and pour the paper pulp right onto the screen like you see here.

Lift deckle

Then you remove the deckle.

There is the paper

And there you go! There is your paper. Sitting on the screen.

Paper Making kit

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Pour hand mold

Arnold Grummer Pour Handmold for Paper Making- 8.5x11 Inch

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