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How to Make your own rubber stamps

Making Rubber stamps is a fun little craft. I remember doing it when I was a kid. That was many years ago. And it really hasn't changed a whole lot since then. This process can go by different names. Sometimes it is called rubber stamp making and sometimes it is called linoleum block carving. The two distinctions being dependant upon the material you are carving and the size of the carving.

With just a few basic supplies you can have a whole lot of fun making any kind of rubber stamp your imagination can create.

Here I show you the basics of how to do it and the basic materials you will need. I also have a video.


An example of a home made rubber stamp. Before gluing the rubber stamp to your wooden block you might want to stamp the top of the block. This way you can see exactly what the stamp will look like.

Positive stamp  

 The rubber stamp

I also cover linoleum block carving. Pretty much the same thing but usually larger and more intricate. For something like this you need inks and a roller to apply the ink to the carving.

A large stamp


Overview of the Process:

  • Draw out your desired pattern or object on paper
  • transfer it to the rubber
  • carve it out
  • roll ink onto it
  • stamp it on paper or fabric
  • Optionally make a wooden handle that the rubber stamp can be glued to.


To Get Started here are some suggested Materials:

The tools for stamping


A bench hook for carving

Here is a bench hook. It makes carving much easier and safer.



Lets Make a Rubber Stamp Carving. We will make the one you see in the picture of the Bench Hook above.

NextContinue with the tutorial - You can also watch the video tutorial below.

Materials and Tools:


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