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Weights of Paper

It can be tricky to understand the "weight" of paper can be a bit confusing. Particularly because it is referred to in pounds but it has nothing to with the actual "weight" of the paper. It is a reference to the thickness and sturdiness of the paper. Here I give you some good examples so you can understand what paper you need.


An easy to follow rule of thumb is that the larger the weight number the thicker and sturdier the paper. For example. Twenty pound paper is much thinner and flimsier than 80 pound paper.

Here are some general examples of common paper pounds for you:

20 Pound This is standard printer paper. The kind of stuff you use in your home printer. General and economical. Good for everyday use.
24 Pound A little bit higher quality and sturdier paper. More professional use
32 Pound This is a higher quality paper that is suitable for two sided printing without bleed through from the front to back. Often this is used for brochures.
80 Pound Heavy cardstock, typically used for business cards
90 Pound This is standard card stock
110 Pound Tycally used for dividers and manila folders
140 Pound Very heavy cardstock





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