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How to Rebind a book -Part 2: Making the Cover

In this part of the tutorial we do the preparatory work on the book we are rebinding and we make the new cover.

This tutorial shows you how to re-bind a hard cover book.

There are three parts to this Tutorial:


Trim the tape

Tape trimmed to about 1/2 inch. 

Glue into place

Mull cloth measured on spine and glued into place. (Leave sides and tapes clean for now).

Side covers and spine to be measured and cut from grey board.

15"x20.5" Acid Free Bookboard- Pack of 4 Sheets


Ruler and knife


  • Measuring the height of the board add 6mm.
  • Measuring width of board minus 1mm.
  • Measure spine board to be the height of the front board and the exact width of the spine.


The blueprints


The spacers

Measure and cut two spacers of 6mm,(these can be removed and saved for other similar projects.)


layout the pieces

Layout the book cloth of your choice and allow 18mm all around the grey board.


The placement area is laid out

Mark out lightly the area for placement of grey board pieces.  Trim off 2- 3 mm corners.


Glue down the boards

PVA the area and stick down board pieces.

Now remove your spacers.

Gently sand the grey board edges rounded. This way they don't pierce or puncture the cloth.

Sand the edges

Fold over the top and tail sections and use bone folder to rub down to secure.

Fold in the sides

Fold in sides - Voila! One case ready for text block.


NB . As it dries out there may be some bending of the case, just wrap text block with clear film and fit case then clamp in your press till fully dry. For convenience I placed mine in a plastic bag.

Clamp it


NextLet's continue on to part 3 where we attach the new cover to the book




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