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Some Cotton Linter Paper Recipes

Cotton Linters is a part of the cotton plant. You can purchase a bag of them and use them to make wonderfully rich cotton paper. Here are some various recipes to use as guidelines for making your own paper.

But these are just guidelines and there are variables so you should experiment to get paper that you like.

You have lots of options with this.

You can use cotton linters in water. You can use the linters with other paper. And you can either pour the mixture or dip your mold in a mixture.



Here is our mixture for a pour. Two tablespoons of cotton linter, a piece of white card stock (4x4 inches) and a small piece of blue cardstock makes us a rich piece of cotton paper about 7x7 inches. It has a nice feel to it.

Cotton linters to make paper

And here is a piece of paper about 7x7 inches that is made from four tablespoons of cotton linters. It is wonderfully thick and rich. I wouldn't go past this formula though for this size of paper. We are starting to get close to it being cloth!

cotton linter and printer paper

This shows you what we get with a piece of printer paper and 1 tablespoon of cotton linter. It has a nice paper feel to it but is a bit thin in a 7x7 inch piece.

Newspaper advertisement and cotton linters

A piece of newspaper advertisement and two tablespoons of cotton linters is what went into this one. It makes some nice paper. Notice how the colors have run into a blue/greenish tint. With newspaper advertisement you never know what color you will end up with.

blending linters

When you are doing the dipping method and making a vat of pulp you have to add much more cotton linters and experiment a bit with the amounts.

Cotton Linters are available on

Arnold Grummer's Bright White Cotton Linters

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The Papermaker's Companion

The Papermaker's Companion: The Ultimate Guide to Making and Using Handmade Paper

This essential reference covers absolutely everything you need to know about papermaking, from the basics to advanced techniques such as shaped sheets, embossing, laminating, and watermarking. Also includes thorough step-by-step instructions for processing pulp, building papermaking equipment, and making paper-based projects like cards and lamp shades.



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